Mandy Hedges Counselling

Registered BACP Counsellor

A very warm welcome to my website.


I am Mandy Hedges, a fully qualified experienced, compassionate counsellor.

       “Sometimes life can be difficult and throws us challenges that we find hard to deal with alone.
        You may find you need someone to talk to and explore your thoughts and feelings.
        Friends and family can help, but sometimes can be too close and we may not want to worry them”.
        Counselling can offer you a safe, non- judgemental, confidential place to explore the things that maybe troubling you.
        Talking about your problems with someone independent before they get out of hand can be the first step to change.

Some people contact me even before a problem arises. Others get in touch as soon as they become aware of a problem and, for others, it’s when the problem has become too much to cope with on their own.
I hope to provide you with some answers to any questions you may have about counselling or me on my website.
"Am I living in a way which is deeply satisfying to me,
and which truly expresses me?”
Carl R Rogers.

How counselling works

People come to counselling for all sorts of reasons and usually because they want to feel better. Talking through problems with someone independent can help you identify issues and help you to find your own solutions, by working with you I will support you with emotional issues and problems you may be experiencing.

If you decide to contact me, we will arrange a time for your first session that suits you. In this session, I explain how we can best work together and I will highlight the confidential nature of our discussions.

We will also cover items such as how long the sessions last, how many sessions may be appropriate and what fees are involved. You are invited to ask as many questions as you like, to ensure counselling feels right for you.
We will then begin to explore the problems or issues you wish to discuss.

If all goes well, further sessions can be booked. In these sessions, we will continue to explore the problems and issues and begin to identify and work on the options available to you to resolve these.

To use counselling effectively you will need to -

Want to come to counselling. Only you can decide.

Be prepared to explore your difficulties.   We will work at your pace.

Keep regular sessions.  Usually weekly, to begin.

I understand you may have other commitments and will try to be flexible.

Sessions are 50 minutes long.

The Counselling service is confidential, only in extreme circumstances can it be broken.

"In therapy, the individual learns to recognise and

express his own feelings, not as a fact about another person”.

Carl R Rogers.