Mandy Hedges Counselling

Registered BACP Counsellor

A very warm welcome to my website.


I am Mandy Hedges, a fully qualified experienced, compassionate counsellor.

       “Sometimes life can be difficult and throws us challenges that we find hard to deal with alone.
        You may find you need someone to talk to and explore your thoughts and feelings.
        Friends and family can help, but sometimes can be too close and we may not want to worry them”.
        Counselling can offer you a safe, non- judgemental, confidential place to explore the things that maybe troubling you.
        Talking about your problems with someone independent before they get out of hand can be the first step to change.

Some people contact me even before a problem arises. Others get in touch as soon as they become aware of a problem and, for others, it’s when the problem has become too much to cope with on their own.
I hope to provide you with some answers to any questions you may have about counselling or me on my website.
"Am I living in a way which is deeply satisfying to me,
and which truly expresses me?”
Carl R Rogers.

My approach

I am an integrative counsellor and can draw on a range of theoretical models. I  primary work within the  Person Centred Theory, put simply, this means that I believe that the relationship between client and counsellor is fundamental to facilitate change and I aim to be as understanding, accepting and as genuine as I can be.

Your experience is yours alone and working in the  Person Centred approach, my aim is to walk beside you, helping you find  your own answers.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) delivered within the Person Centred Framework is also offered.
CBT is a short term, goal-orientated therapy. with the goal to change clients patterns of thinking or behaviour,  this changing the way the client feels. It is specially useful for treating phobias, eating disorders, substance misuse, depression and anxiety.

I see individuals and couples in my private comfortable room in Stanton on the business park, where confidentiality is assured and free parking is available. 

The issues I work with  include:     

Anxiety                                                    Depression                                     Eating disorders

Bereavement and loss difficulties           Self-esteem                                    Stress

Sexual abuse                                          Marriage and Relationships           Trauma

Uncertainty at home or at work                                                                      Self confidence

Communication problems                                                                              Health problems

Dealing with conflict at home or at work  

Life transitions - Transgender                   

                                                                         Sometimes clients come who wish to learn more about themselves. 

                                                                                              This list is not exhaustive.

                                                    I welcome clients who come for any reason and look forward to working with you

                                                                                     to help you find your own solutions