Mandy Hedges Counselling

Registered BACP Counsellor

A very warm welcome to my website.


I am Mandy Hedges, a fully qualified experienced, compassionate counsellor.

       “Sometimes life can be difficult and throws us challenges that we find hard to deal with alone.
        You may find you need someone to talk to and explore your thoughts and feelings.
        Friends and family can help, but sometimes can be too close and we may not want to worry them”.
        Counselling can offer you a safe, non- judgemental, confidential place to explore the things that maybe troubling you.
        Talking about your problems with someone independent before they get out of hand can be the first step to change.

Some people contact me even before a problem arises. Others get in touch as soon as they become aware of a problem and, for others, it’s when the problem has become too much to cope with on their own.
I hope to provide you with some answers to any questions you may have about counselling or me on my website.
"Am I living in a way which is deeply satisfying to me,
and which truly expresses me?”
Carl R Rogers.

Privacy Policy                                     The General Data Protection Regulation                              Update  May 2018 

This privacy policy is adhered to by Mandy Hedges and explains how she uses, maintains and disclose information collected from clients.

this policy applies to the practice, website and services offered by Mandy Hedges online, by telephones or within her private practice.

Clients will be provided with a paper copy and will be asked to sign as a statement of understanding of the contents.

Personal information that I collect.   Name, Address, Contact number, Email address. Medication and any medical conditions relevant to counselling.

Counselling history  and clients expectations from counselling, clients presenting issues.

How I store information.                   

Handwritten notes from the sessions content and personal details are kept separate in a locked cabinet.

Email/ texts are stored on my smart phone and my yahoo account, first names only are used in text.

No information is kept on computers other than emails from my Yahoo account.

How I share your personal information. 

Supervision: I attend monthly clinical supervision to ensure my practice remains safe & ethical. A requirement of the BACP.

Session details & clients initials may be shared with my Supervisor.   

The content of the sessions are confidential, apart from in exceptional circumstances as follows:  

 I am seriously concerned about your own or someone else’s safety.

 I am made aware of serious illegal activity or terrorism. 

 You disclose any historical, recent or current acts of abuse upon a child or vulnerable adult. 

Any disclosure of any confidential information will be restricted to relevant information, conveyed only to appropriate people and for appropriate reasons. In this event, wherever possible, your permission will be sought before breaking confidentiality.

Erasing your information: 

All electronic enquiries are erased after 3 months. All contact numbers are erased 3 months following the cessation of therapy. Emails will be printed off and kept on record for the aforementioned 5 years but will be deleted from my account 3 months after last session.                                                         

I hold your written information for up to 5 years following the cessation of therapy. This is so I have a reference should you decide to return to therapy in the future, I am also obligated to keep these files for to comply with the terms of my insurance. 

Your Rights Access:  

You have the right to ask for a copy of your personal information, in an electronic or paper format,  free of charge.

You also have the right to ask me to amend or change any incorrect information about you.

Right to be Forgotten: You have the right to ask me to erase any information that I hold about you. This includes your personal information that is no longer relevant to original purposes, or if you wish to withdraw consent. In all cases and when considering such requests, these rights are obligatory unless it’s information that I have a legal obligation to retain. As stated I have a duty to keep sessional notes for 5 years in line with my insurance companies policy.

Data Portability:
As the client, you have the right to receive your personal information which you previously provided, also you have the right to transfer that information to another party. For the purposes of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2018, the data “controller” is Mandy Hedges. Mandy Hedges Counselling.